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リンク:The Missing Links: AACS HD/DVD Code Compeition
紹介元:Boing Boing: AACS key as a short story

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A Proposal for Applying A Cholecaliferol Solution To Jet Lag
(Or by its proper title - AF BC 9C 5D DA 6B 7A A8 7C 33 A1 2B E7 D3 EA 11)

Travelling recently on Air France to British Columbia I was sitting in seat 9C but asked by the flight attendant to move to 5D. After my trip I returned home with Delta Airlines sitting in seat 6B. The plane landed at 7 AM, my wife picked me up in the car and we went via the A8 route to our apartment at 7C Rillington Place. Flights can be tiring due to jet lag.

As a 33 year old I am actually in A1 condition and find that my cure is to take a 2B pencil which I purchased recently at the E7 stationery store in East London and write. This helps my concentration although my doctor has advised me to take Cholecalciferol as a Vitamin D3 supplement to assist me. My colleague has found that playing any game from EA games helps him. He has found that being jet lagged has helped him get to level 11 in one of their platform games.




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