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Mysterious Information Technology Consultant.

Self Introduction

  • Nationality: Japan
  • Sex: Male
  • Birth year: 1964 Feburuary
  • Birth place, etc: I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan.
    But now I am living in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Name: Shinichi Kaji
  • Handle (nickname): Inetgate
    This name derived from bug response in early version of NifTerm.
    NifTerm is autopilot tool for online service (Nifty-Serve).
  • My experience in computers:
    In student era, I enjoyed 8bit microcomputer (Z80), 16bit PC (i8086) and mainframe installed at university. At university, I wrote programs in SAS for statistical purpose and Lisp for simulation of cognitive science. After graduate university, I work as Programmer, Systems Engineer and Consultant now.
  • SecondLife: Inetgate Writer

My interests and hobbies.

  • Taking pictures. Mainly, landscape scenes. (Currently under organizing.)
  • Driving. My goal is running all highway in Japan.
  • Scuba diving. (Currently I am in training.)
  • Listening music by iTunes and iPod. (My library includes about 5,000 tracks.)
  • My PCs: ThinkPad-X21, which is running Windows XP SP2 and Mac mini, which is running OSX Tiger.

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My favorite face marks -:)

These face marks are includindg double byte characters.
  • (◎-◎)    :Normal
  • (●-●)    :Anonymous
  • (・-・)    :Base